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flag on the embassy grounds in Seoul in 1985.

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Roche did not return a request for comment from the Daily News, but Krugman said he, too, will help Duncan get the rings back.

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Nuclear energy is the most expensive kind of generation

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The concern with buying secondsis you’re worried about the first becoming non-performing and wiping you out.”

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"I felt some tightness with my triceps and I focused only on my location and command with my pitches," Darvish said

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The choice of a veteran officer indicated no letup in the government's heavy-handed treatment of its opponents.

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"I decided to send Max in ahead of me as we had a chance to break the World Cup record

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ForestEthics ran a multi-year campaign against 3M that included a 40-foot Post-it note hung off a bridge near 3M's headquarters

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There's even a number from Tadashi Shoji for just $150

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I am so happy God gave me the opportunity to play baseball.”

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As the family grieved, help started pouring in from the community

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A Kenya-based firm called Treadsetter’s made over $1.5 million in bribes to Kenyan government authorities, including the Ports Authority, Air Force and Ministry of Roads, the SEC said

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This applies to sugar that is added to processed food and found in juices and syrups, not sugar naturally found in fruit, milk, and vegetables

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Instead, it’s that the relationship is based mainly on affection

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In the case of 30 Ari, it is located 136 light-years away in the constellation Aries

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The EU executive says it isworking on arranging a new round of talks with Russia andUkraine before the end of the month, but has not specifiedprecisely when or where.

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But you can buy into the brand at Net-A-Porter by clicking at right

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Greene snapped his shooting drought with a trey to put St

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The law of large numbers is a problem for companies as they become victims of their own success

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We are now confronted with a verydifficult dilemma

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This time around, jurors grappled for five days with the decision and couldn't come to an agreement

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Last month, the NLA voted overwhelmingly for a bill restricting political protests

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Approximately 80,000 scholars are spread mainly between the UK, Germany, the US, Denmark and the Netherlands.

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According to Burrows, the mantises' jumps are precise, landing on target every time

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Kapoor (Lilette Dubey), just as Sonny’s wedding to Sunaina (Tina Desai) is being planned

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The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Thursday held its first hearing on the Arctic

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That would allow the Iranians to say the toughconstraints would last only 10 years and the Americans to say they have a15-year agreement, according to the New York Times

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"Matt and Paul have so much integrity that I think they waited a long time before they made another for many reasons, largely because they wanted to make sure there was going to be a story there."

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DER Touristik and TUI Germany said demand for trips to theUnited States was still strong


A fighter for freedom of thought and speech, for human rights

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This issue has a personal resonance for me

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YouTube said in a statement that it had complied with a request to take down a page hosting the documentary, but users quickly posted other links to versions of the film.

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A preterm delivery is defined as a delivery before 37 weeks gestation.

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It becomes so tedious and it doesn't use the form properly."

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The technology is seamless, the movements are eloquent and the problem may be my own misprogramming, but the robot still looked to me like a man in a robot suit.

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She did not give details of the findings to journalists.

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We expected some of these to ripple through the new year."

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Soon afterwards, the United Nations announced it would mediate in a dialogue between the two sides, warning that Yemen was sliding toward civil war.

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Let's make a reality TV show instead

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Since there were no other bidders, Darley saidthat according to Polish law it should have been granted accessto the deposit by May 2013.

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We didn’t bring in strangers.”

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“It seems like the Bed-Stuy market has topped out,” said Michael Weiser, president of GFI Realty Services, a commercial real estate brokerage that’s done deals in the neighborhood

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(AP) — An attorney representing the widow of "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle is arguing that a judge was mistaken in awarding a $1.8 million defamation verdict to former Minnesota Gov

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The Democrats knew what they were doing when they drafted the bill…just ask Gruber

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Its computer then talks to the computer of, say, a farmer with a wind turbine, and tells it to switch the farm to back-up battery until the peak of demand is overcome.

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And, lastly, Truman needed the Jewish vote, particularly in New York State.

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When the blood dries, cops find scraps of paper that hint at a massive plot and an iPad that likely has more clues.

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Additionally, determine what recourse they have with their supplier.

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** "Progress was strong in Watson-Marlow and the Americasand a new venture in India could boost Asian sales," analysts atLiberum write in a note (RM:aastha.agnihotri.thomsonreuters.com@reuters.net)


Those deals came less than a year after Yamana Gold Inc and Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd bought Osisko'sCanadian Malartic gold mine in the province of Quebec and otherassets in the area for C$3.9 billion.

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Riccardo de Franchis is Head of Smartphones Marketing at Samsumg Italia: “The back and the display are made of very resistant glass, the most resistant on the market

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Google in past years has begun to expand beyond its hometurf of Internet search and advertising, seeking to extend itstechnological dominance to fields as diverse as self-drivingcars and robotics.

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El Nia cyclical phenomenon that lasts several years, begins with warming in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and eventually affects weather around the world

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He maybe didn’t get enough opportunities when he was first called up here

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The initial idea was to model the event on the German and Chinese careers fairs that take place in bigger UK universities.

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So we think it is a really good combination of business and leisure, both for the local community but also to draw traffic into Wales.

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European stock prices were supported by the ECB's latesteffort to jump-start the struggling euro zone economy, whileU.S

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Other raises of 1.5, 2.5 and 3 percent take effect at the end of February 2016, the end of March 2017 and the end of March 2018, respectively.

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"These findings have important implications for the early detection of inflammatory bowel disease in airway disease patients

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(Reporting by Steve Ginsburg in Washington; Editing by Susan Heavey, Bill Trott and Eric Beech)

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"It is expected that they will be very strong

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So that’s what I apologized to Noah for,” Wright said Wednesday morning before the Mets began their Grapefruit League play with a game at Disney against the Braves.

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Like that other BBC cur in Downing Street Craig Oliver, Lambert’s primary claim to fame seems to be to create chaos out of order and divide the party of the right he work’s for

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Because of course now anybody can buy a flying machine and do whatever he wants,” said Emmanuel Previnaire, President of “Flying-Cam.”

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Of course, form itself is no guarantee of success: We have made plenty of mistakes, and we will make more

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Officers finally tracked the 50 year old down in Australia and he has now pleaded guilty to evading lawful custody.

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The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance has come out against building a 494-foot tower over the East River

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In some districts within Sierra Leone - including those in the Kisse Triangle where this outbreak started - there are zero cases being reported

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After all, Windows Server 2003 is 12 years old, which is a long time in technology and business

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99, which has evoked a few quips

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"Rock Band" and its arch-rival "Guitar Hero" were great party or hanging-out games from a time when games with more than one person were actually played by people who were in the same room

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Broward Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Dani Moschella told the Daily News the development is used by people all over the community because it has a long circular road

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It just so happens that this time the vehicle of attack was consumer health rather than the usual questioning of "financial rigor" or some ridiculous "sky is falling" claim

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cash-flow spending, the rate of growth of buybacks had far outstripped capex and this meant less cash was being reinvested for growth.

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On the one hand will be solve-this demands from constituents enraged by spiraling costs and insurers aghast at diminishing customers and the prospect of insolvency.

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They'll hang out together this off-season, try to be a team, try to absorb yet more transfers coming in, including guard Courtney Alexander, who left Virginia after assaulting his girlfriend.

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Since then she’s performed spot shows and held a two-year residency in Las Vegas

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Two years earlier, USAir Flight 405 headed for Cleveland crashed into Flushing Bay during a snowy takeoff at LaGuardia, killing 27 people of the 51 on board

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National Institutes of Health and GlaxoSmithKline — will be tested in a separate study as supplies become available.

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Because there is a clear public record that the player was in the state (TV broadcast, news accounts, etc.) there is no way for the athlete to avoid the taxes.

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Canadian researchers set out to investigate whether having an extremely low birth weight - less than 1,000g (2lbs, 2ozs) - affected mental health later in life.

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There was an even larger pileup involving some 200 tractor-trailers on Interstate 65 near Elizabethtown in central Kentucky.

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Next week's review takes a look under the hood of the banks - which Wall Street critics say are "too large to manage" - by scrutinizing whether managers are in truly in control of their firms

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To be clear, I support nearly all of the initiatives that Cuomo included in his so-called 30-day budget amendments

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All models will feature heart rate sensors and integrate with the iPhone's Health app.

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The dollar hit a fresh 11-1/2 year high against a basket ofmajor currencies

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And we wanted people to feel, as well as learn things and look at things, as they went round,” says Broackes.

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"There is a whole complicated history of reclaiming languages and cultures from the legacies of colonial power which worked so hard to assimilate indigenous peoples," said Thom

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Boston might not get any snow from the newest storm, theweather service said

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They are likely to attack first the towns of al-Dour and al-Alam to the south and north of Tikrit.

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People spent about five times more on their pets than they did on movies last year

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The current agreement required Straub to closethe deal by March 31.

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Windslowe, who used the stage name "the Black Madam," is expected back on the stand for a third day Friday if courts reopen after a winter storm

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Suzanne Steinbaum, the director of the Women's Heart Health Center at Lenox Hill Hospital

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Illegal sex-selective abortions have left the country with a skewed gender ratio, and girls get less medical care and less education.

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If it switches to become softer while still under pressure, this is known as "negative stiffness" - a property so weird that Mr Florijn said he still hasn't worked out an application for it.

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If it is not easy for you to be with your own thoughts and feelings, then set yourself small goals to begin with

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The unemployment rate has dropped, and long-term unemployment is down too.

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The group once claimed to be the main recipient of the secret U.S.-led operation supporting rebels in the north

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With ancestors from Central Asia who came to the Holy City on pilgrimage and stayed, Wassil learned welding from his father who has a garage

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Koalas are considered of least concern when it comes to endangerment, but the population faces affliction by their own form of chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease

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Tickets for the two-night Gloves championships on April 1 and 2 are on sale through the Barclays Center box office and Ticketmaster.

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“Everyone on our team is a threat

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Matthews is Marriott's chief global communications officer

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Furthermore, they managed to find tickets for Jan

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As for Sandys check her pedigree

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“My main reaction to all the musicals is that I’m really excited to be part of the season,” he tells the Daily News

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His 20-item water menu, with selections ranging from $8 to $20 per bottle, debuted at Ray's & Stark Bar at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art two years later

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They have done well because of recall value among India’s young moviegoers.

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De Blasio has repeatedly asked Gov