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"We lived in fear for years, but it also motivated me to become politically active."

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Unemployment is already on the rise, and economic growth is set to drop 0.6 percent this year, the steepest fall since 1990.

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Pharmacyclics shareholders can opt for cash, AbbVie stock or a combination, AbbVie said.

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Back in 2007, Spagnuolo crafted a Super Bowl championship unit behind Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck, and his schemes have long been built around relentless quarterback pressure.

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If a nuclear agreement is reached with Iran, Congress will eventually have to approve any permanent end to sanctions.

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Debby Carreau, who runs her own human resources company, calls Lean In her "passion project"

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Standardised packaging is the next step towards achieving this," Dr Reilly insisted.

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As a former local news anchor and current executive vice presidentof Marriott International, Kathleen Matthews has a lot going for her besides a famous husband

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Not only does it affect the individual concerned, but it can have a huge ripple effect across families

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It’s the only thing to do, to speak about it

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Like when he closed 50 schools in the face of angry protests, and was off on vacation skiing in Utah when the closings were announced

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Foster didn’t betray him.

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Boston might not get any snow from the newest storm, the weather service said

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standards on the use of drones are themselves inadequate


"I had to say if I had a supply of tin cans and I could invent anything I wanted to, or put them to any kind of use, what uses could I find

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"It is our hope that this legislation will mark a turning point in attitudes to using sunbeds in Ireland

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However, the hoursare long and living with your employers can be stressful

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It had its own cavalry and a state band that included Africans, its own coats of arms, currency, and stamped paper

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If you can't wrap up your destruction of San Francisco in under two hours, you should leave it to the professionals

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This is only the second time ever a planet has been identified in a quadruple star system

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We leave you with this photo Dean Matthews sent us of St Mary's Lighthouse.

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Support for Israel remains strong, but where once it was universal, it has increasingly drifted from left to right