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Forward James Sheppard was a scratch after a long day of travel since his acquisition from San Jose on Sunday, and of course Lundqvist was not available either, sidelined on his 33rd birthday

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Wilson told investigators he then heard a report of a robbery, identified Brown as a suspect and stopped his vehicle

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Critics say the new bill provides little to no additional oversight.

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In 2010 and 2011, several security/military chiefs opposed a strike in Iran

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"If you haven't got one of the two potential prime ministers in any of the debates..

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We warned the lads about Crystal Palace’s set plays because 50% of their goals have come from set-plays

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Whose liability? It doesn't matter if it is naivety or greed, it is the liability of Lumber Liquidators

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Ok, nobody asked to come to this world, so I had to take responsibility for my children and I did."

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New growth motors around high-technology and innovative industries are what the government wants; fewer cheap goods and more value-added, high-end products, less quantity and more quality

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The Higgs mode would vanish almost before it arose.

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Don’t let last year’s stats fool you

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Find yours today and relive history.

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Alexander McQueen’s “bell dress,” from 2004’s “Medulla” period, looked relatively flat in the video

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He has never played an NHL game

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Such tests from Sequenom and other companies, sequence themother's blood, which includes both the mother's DNA and fetalDNA from the placenta

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Thepolicy also aims to protect dense, high-carbon stock forests andensure the rights of indigenous peoples.

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I can't tell you know perfect it would have been if it worked."

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Abbott lost her left leg below the knee in the blasts.

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He and his colleagues looked at over 4,600 people who had, or were at high risk of developing, osteoarthritis

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And we keep getting better at them, and if we move on to another job, we approach it in the same way

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The idea behind privatization has a certain logic to it

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I have a little heartache I can't be with my girls and I'm sad that Marilyn and I can't work things out

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As wages stagnate, households spend less

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No one claimed responsibility, but the abduction was blamed on al-Qaida-linked militants

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After revealing his decision, Jenner reportedly made two requests of his daughters

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"Delivery decisions in the HSE need to be matched to clinical needs and prioritised in line with the available resources


What's believed to be a 12.9-inch iOS tablet may now not appear until late-2015 or even early-2016, says the armchair analysis.

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"We need to put an end to this ludicrous situation

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will cost approximately $6.75 billion


He was injured by gunfire, cut by bayonet during hand-to-hand combat and suffered mustard gas attacks

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One person was killed a day earlier in clashes between police and residents opposed to the demolitions.

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What’s more, you will need to pop into one of the French brand’s many stores to pick it up in person.

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If the debates are held during the campaign people won't talk about anything else - such as the issues that matter, Mr Cameron says

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“I was sitting in a meeting and one of the deputies from the front desk came in and said, 'Frank, you’re not going to believe this

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As a result of its new policy, 3M has entered intodiscussions with Canada's Resolute Forest Products Inc,which has been criticized by Greenpeace for its loggingpractices