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The word has a tantalising Nordic tang of herrings and smorgasbord to complement the rotten tomatoes of the traditional British poll
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“We are still working very aggressively to try to contain the fire.”
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Then again, he has always played by his own set of rules
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He has emerged as an early favorite in the battle for the Republican nomination in the November 2016 presidential election.
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"Billy Packer one time said we had the best practices he'd ever seen," Tarkanian said
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Ditto for an upper school principal who also had never run a school (and who also resigned after three years).
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weapons program showed"significant vulnerabilities" to cyber attacks, includingmisconfigured, unpatched and outdated software.
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On Tuesday the names of 14 generals were released who have been investigated or convicted for corruption.
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By taking a couple of (real) steps forward, I could peer over the edge
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“Everyone wasn’t able to be there for every day, but we all stood by him
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Newspaper editorialists labeled FDR “Dictator Roosevelt.”
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“He’s got a really good breaking ball, and nobody really knows it yet, but a really good changeup to get guys in the big leagues who are going to be amped up for that fastball.
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I have bothered to find out, and it’s important to find out
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An opinion poll from May last year found 61% of respondents felt the Ukraine crisis threatened Poland's security